This news is incredibly exciting, but you couldn't tell from the video released for it.  The University of Washington have successfully connected two people's minds across the internet to play a video game!  Think "Pacific Rim", but with one guy playing the old Atari game Defender.

One guy was hooked up to the send unit, and was looking at a video game on his screen so he could aim at the alien invaders.  Across the campus, connected to his brain via the internet, was another dude who had the trigger to fire the video game's weapon.  He couldn't see the game, but would hit the button to fire when the first guy's mind made him.

It's amazing, the levels of technology the Universities are achieving.  What's still in its infancy is their ability to create compelling videos to show off how cool these things are!  Come on, guys, you have the smarts to connect two brains over the internet, but you can't figure out how iMovie works?

There are some great videos on YouTube to help you figure out this simple software, guys.

I know, I'm a dick.