If we can put a new Starbucks downtown, we should put this right next to it! Would you like a steaming pile of soup?

With the return of Cappetto's and a new Starbucks coming to downtown, why not add something unique? Typing up random things in Google brought me to Modern Toilet. This famous bathroom themed Taiwan restaurant opened up back in 2004 and has expanded with 12 different locations in Asia.

You are seated on toilet seats at a table made of sinks. Your drinks are served in glasses that resemble urinals, your main course is served in toilets and dessert is pretty gross. For some odd reason, I would still eat whatever they served me.

Check out some of the delicious eats served in disgusting ways.



Flickr/eazy traveler



This ice cream seems to be the tamest dessert at this place. Other choices are "bloody poop" (strawberry ice cream) and "diarrhea with dried droppings" (chocolate ice cream).

Check out Modern Toilet on one of Travel Channel's shows. It's just as gross.