Down a friend or two, but not sure which ones??

So, you're checking your facebook page ... liking a few things, friending a few people here and there when .... wait. Hold on.  Yesterday I had 4,872 friends and today?  Only 4,971???????  WTF??

Who split?  There isn't really a quick way to figure this out. Unless someone recently:

A) Broke up with you

B) Fired you (or was fired BY you)

C) Took out a restraining order against you

D) Your last name is Hagar, Sixx, Van Halen or Erna. 

Unless you only have 2 or 3 friends, (which could be an issue in and of itself) you might never figure out who "dumped" you.

Relax though, Double G has found an answer for you!

 The unfriend finder!!  See in an instant which friends are still with you after that bender you went on last weekend and which of the fair weather bastards kicked you to the curb!!

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