One of my favorite bands to come out of Massachusetts, Unearth gives you a live show that leaves you sweaty, hurting and tingling from the power of their breakdowns. Arguably one of the best bands to do breakdowns out there right now. Here's why they are one of the hardest working bands in metal!


Unearth is metalcore band from Winthrop Massachusetts that has released five studio albums. Their newest album, Darkness in the Light, keeps your metal blood pumping, especially with most song short and to the point. They hit you with their power and leave nothing behind. The longest song on the record is "Watch It Burn" which comes in at 4 minutes long, but works because of the strong political messages not only in the song but in the video as well.

The first time I heard Unearth was when I was living in California from my friend Gabe. Mind you this is the same guy that has an Everytime I Die tattoo on his arm. So I knew he had an amazing taste in music. We were listening to their album, The Oncoming Storm, and I already was liking what I heard until I heard the song "This Lying World." If you've never heard this song before, I highly recommend it. The fact that they actually gang  scream "BREAKDOWN!" in the middle of the song makes it amazing.

I am so excited to see this band in concert, it's been years since I have seen them. All be there checking out the show tonight at Tricky Falls! Doors open at 6 PM and tickets are only $15 to get in. If you were wondering here is the line up:

6:00 Doors
6:10-6:30 As Its Written
6:40-7:00 Terror Eyes
7:15-7:35 Wolves At The Gate
7:50- 8:15 The Contortionist
8:30- 9:05 Obey the Brave
9:20- 9:55 Unearth
10:10- 11:00 Born of Osiris
You can also check out some of their songs here, and an amazing video of all their breakdowns form the album This Oncoming Storm. You'll love it!