To get ready for the Sun City Yard Sale, check out this blog I wrote last year about all the crazy things I found while shopping at Savers! Get your stuff ready to sell at the city’s biggest yard sale on October 5.

If you’ve never been to Savers, you’re really missing out on some special deals. The concept of this thrift store isn’t much different than Goodwill. Each store dedicates a certain percentage of the proceeds to a local non-profit organization. Locally, Savers stores benefit Candlelighters of El Paso. The store thrives on various donations, which they resell to the public, so it’s crucial to the store that people donation quality items. Obviously some El Pasoans didn’t get the memo. You won’t believe the ridiculous junk I found on my last trip to Savers.

  • 1

    Floral Chairs

    Apparently the 1970s dropped by to donate these chairs. They’ll go perfectly around the next creepy photo.

  • 2

    Priceless Works of Art

    Where has THIS been all my life? My paintings of Cabbage Patch Kids and Legos just weren’t complete until I picked up this gem.


  • 3

    Monkey Soap Dishes

    If this is the soap holder, what does the rest of the rest look like? Let’s all take a minute to thank the person who donated this. It’s certain to bring in tens of pennies for charity. Wait a minute! Does that “tail” also look like a wang to anyone else?

  • 4

    Ancient Media Posters

    I’m going to be a cry baby if I can’t have this poster immediately.

  • 5

    Lightning Bolt

    What. Is. This?! It looks heavy, but it’s not. Hollow inside, weird on the outside. Approximately 2-feet tall. A bolt of wonder. Let’s all agree the first person to correctly guess what this is gets it for free. Or maybe Savers should pay someone to take it away. Whatever it is, it would be EPIC to blow it up with fireworks. Am I right?

  • 6

    Connie Cuts-a-lot

    What’s better than a new doll? A used doll with only half the hair! Introducing Sinead O’Barbie. Or maybe Schizophrenic Suzie. She can’t decide if she’s a short or a long-hair type of girl.

  • 7

    Rat. Or possum. Or Possibly Weave.

    Really? Just really. First, this looks like the shower drain in a sorority house. Second, WHO put this on their head? Raise your hand right now because, I swear to you, if you’re not bald you’re going to be slapped. NO ONE WANTS THIS. I’ve seen better hair pulled from the heads of hookers on the Maury Show.