12-year-old Morgan Geyser, and 12-year-old Anissa Weier were arrested over the weekend, after stabbing their friend 19 times in the arms, torso and legs.

The two girls attempted to kill their 12-year-old friend in the woods, to prove that an internet meme was real.

“One suspect held the victim down while the other suspect stabbed her 19 times in the arms, legs and torso. Many of the stab wounds struck major organs. But, incredibly and thankfully, the victim survived this brutal assault,” said Waukesha Police Chief Russell Jack.

On Monday, June 2nd, the girls were charged as adults, and "each of the girls face one count of attempted first degree intentional homicide as party to a crime - and each faces 60 years in prison."

The victim was found on the sidewalk area of Rivera Drive and Big Bend Road by a citizen, who called 911 and applied pressure to the wounds until the fire department arrived.

After police spoke with Weier, they found out the girls committed the crime in order to prove to people that "Slender Man" is real. The girls believed that Slender Man, the "leader" of a horror website called, "Creepypasta" would make them a proxy of the website, if they killed someone to prove themselves worthy.

The origin of Slender Man started back in 2009, when Something Awful Forums launched a "paranormal pictures" Photoshop contest. SA User Victor Surge created Slenderman by submitting photos that showed the creepy character standing with unknown children, and created a story of this mythical creature taking children away. The meme just snowballed from then on.

The police are asking parents to closely monitor what they children are viewing online.

“Both suspects had a fascination with a fictitious character that often posted to a website that is a collection of small stories about death and horror. Parents should not be allowing their children to have unrestricted or unmonitored internet usage –whether it be on their computer on their smart phone on their PlayStation. All of those accesses to the outside world,” Chief Jack said.