This is one of those moments where someone is at the right place at the right time and is able to be a true hero. Check out this insane video! 

Truck driver David Fredericksen was driving down Interstate 10 near Biloxi, Missouri whena car t-boned a semi, causing the semi's fuel tank to ignite. There was a huge explosion, and the driver was trapped in her vehicle, along with her one year old granddaughter in the car. Lucky for her, Fredericksen was driving, saw the accident and had a fire extinguisher in the semi he was driving. He was able to run over and fight the flames until the woman and her granddaughter were able to escape.

This video has now gone viral and David Fredericksen is an internet sensation, all the way to the Good Morning America show. His son confirmed on his Youtube page that his father will be on the Good Morning America morning show tomorrow morning, talking about his daring rescue. Watch the video above and see the incredible rescue for yourself.

NOTE: The date in the video is incorrect. Fredericksen's son wrote on his Youtube page that the incident actually happened on Monday, August 11th, 2014.