The Paper Kites video for :Oh Yeah Wow" will entertain you, freak you out and/or make you ill.  Possibly, all of the above!

Australias The Paper Kites are not exactly the kind of band I normally go for. (They're talented and all, this type of music just isn't really my thing.)  Anyway, whether you like their music or not, you may like the video they did for "Oh Yeah Wow".  They started "filming" the vid by posting an ad on facebook that read "We Want Your Face"; along with the following message:

The idea basically involves photographing hundreds of unique looking faces, each person shot multiple times in a variety of facial poses, replicating various mouth shapes in accordance with the lyrics. Using the almighty power of stop motion animation — we will then cycle through 500+ people who, when edited together, will sing the song.


At the end of production, you will be able to download and keep your own professional portrait. PLUS you get to be a part of what we hope will be a creative landmark, shared around the world.

After assembling around 350 photos in a total of 4,000 photographs, they stuck 'em all together in a process that took 17 days to complete!

Weird, cool, creepy ... stupid?  You be the judge!!