Photo by Tim Boyle/Newsmakers

Certain areas of downtown are going to be a mess tomorrow.

A backup generator is being installed atop the Wells Fargo building by helicopter.  Since it's illegal to fly over occupied buildings with this type of cargo, the top 5 floors of the Wells Fargo building will be evacuated.

To accomodate the takeoff and landing of the helicopter, sections of the following streets will be closed from 7am until (approximately) noon:

Kansas ... from Franklin to Texas.

Stanton ... from Main to Texas.

Campbell ... from Main to Texas.

Main ... from Stanton to Campbell.

Both Mills and Texas will close from Mesa to Florence.

Sun Metro bus routes through that area will be detoured.  The afected route numbers are 4, 9, 33, 42, 59, 61 and 66.

The closed road sections MAY reopen earlier than noon.