The next time that area of I-10 near the spaghetti bowl bogs down, don't start complaining.  Things could be worse!

A traffic jam in Russia has had drivers sitting for several days now.  A HUGE snowstorm caused a massive traffic jam on a highway northwest of Moscow.  Traffic slowed, stalled then came to a halt late last week and STILL hasn't moved!

Many drivers are running (or have run) out of gas to keep their heaters going!

According to;

the 120-mile long traffic jam on a Russian highway was caused by a major snowfall. Some drivers, trapped for days, are running out of gas, leaving them exposed to subzero temperatures.

Wow.  Ok, no more bitching about El Pasos "5:00 o'clock traffic" (which for some reason on I-10, east of Airway, starts around 3:00) for me anymore!