The outfit might not make the most terrifying Halloween costume, but a Bomb Squad Technician is still considered pretty frightening. The occupation is leading the list in a new CareerBuilder poll of the scariest jobs. Americans rank High Rise Window Washer second, followed by the Armed Forces. Miner and Police Officer are also in the top five. Other fear-inducing forms of employment include Mortician, Cemetery Worker, and Exterminator. Less obvious choices making the top ten include Alaskan Crab Fishing and High School Teacher. In addition, many people find Stand-Up Comedian and Politician to be pretty frightening professions.

1. Bomb Squad Technician

2. High Rise Window Washer

3. Armed Forces

4. Miner

5. Police Officer

6. Alaskan Crab Fishing

7. Mortician

8. Firefighter

9. High School Teacher

10. Cemetery Worker

11. Exterminator

12. Stand-Up Comedian

13. Animal Control

14. Stunt Person

15. Politician