Do you take pictures and record the whole concert? Yell "Freebird" or some kind of request and believe the artist will listen to you? If you said yes, you might want to check out what other annoy habits you could have that might get you beat up one day.

 Rolling Stone magazine recently compiled a list of the top 10 annoying concert habits. I have dealt with people that have about six of these habits and couldn't agree more with this list.

Check out the top 10 and see how many you or your friends have.

1. Taking pictures the entire show

2. Checking your Email, Facebook and Twitter ever couple of minutes

3. Constantly talking with your friends

4. Yelling out requests

5. Yelling out "Freebird"

6. Pushing your way to the front

7. Getting so drunk you puke

8. Loudly complaining after the show because the band didn't play your favorite song

9.  Filming the entire concert on your phone

10. Yelling " Sit down" at people who are standing up

I think the only thing I would add, is when people start throwing their cans of beer around. I saw someone get knocked out at Streetfest once and it was traumatizing.
Do you think this list is right? If not, tell us what really grinds your gears at concerts?