I'm so happy to learn there is an entire day to celebrate the joy of margaritas and why you should drink them. Here's how I think you should celebrate.

Flickr User kalavinka

Today is the day where you must celebrate the joys of drinking a delicious mix of tequila, triple sec, and lime. And especially for El Paso, this is a drink we enjoy drinking often but it is nice that the rest of the country can join us in our favorite pastime.

One of the urban legends of where the frozen margarita came from is a bartender took a soft serve ice cream machine and instead put in the delicious frozen margarita. I'll take my drink either frozen or on the rocks as long as it has that nectar of the gods tequila in it! And a lot of people must agree with me, since margaritas are the most common tequila based cocktail today.

Celebrate this day however you feel is necessary. I'll do it by grabbing the sombrero out Kevin's office, heading to the nearest Mexican restaurant and getting a strawberry margarita. Then a mango margarita. Then a raspberry margarita. Then whatever the bartender will still serve me.