Today is a day when we can give and receive ... hugs!

This lovely day was created in 1986 by Rev. Kevin Zaborney from Caro, Michigan. Hugs are loving, caring, celebratory and welcome. Of course, it is suggested that you at least ask first.

National Hugging Day has grown so much all over the world, that it has even been suggested to change from National to International. Unfortunately, sometimes and lately, hugs can be misinterpreted. I remember back in the day when hugs were just innocent gestures. Always made people smile, because you never know when you can make someone's day by just offering one tiny little hug.

Check out this clip from one of my favorite Spanish movies. It begins with this young lady Laura that puts a sign on that says, "Free Hugs". The sad thing is ... not everyone takes her up on it, but those that do leave with a big smile.



So today, as you're grabbing that cup of coffee or saying good day to your kids and loved ones, don't forget to share a little hug, because that alone will make their day way better!!