Every year a new batch of incoming start to hit the books ... errr, laptops.  And every year a list is compiled of things they never knew, had, needed, etc.  This years incoming live in a world where Kurt Cobain never did!  (Most incoming freshmen this year were born in '94; after Kurts death.)

They also haven't neccesarily ever needed a TV to watch their favorite programs and missing one of them doesn't mean they missed it.  It just means now they have to log on to youtube!

Watches, radios and "point n shoot" cameras may have never been among their possesions and even some biblical terms are not familiar to them!  

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My daughters aren't at the "incoming freshmen" stage yet, but they've never had a video game that didn't involve actual, physical involvement and they've pretty much always had an ipod.  (In fact, outside of me, their rock history knowledge is gleaned from Guitar Hero more than from radio or anywhere else!)

Got anything you can add to the list?