Seems as time goes by more and more women are getting plastic surgery; mostly breast augmentations. From those trying to graduate to a bigger cup size than their brother, to those that just want to be sexier or more full-"filled" to those that have lost their minds!

I myself, prefer boobs smaller than my own. (Easy. I'm sorry, guys ... and girls ... but I don't bat for the "home" team. That doesn't mean that I can't look though!). I'm just saying that, well, the backaches get old.

Anyway;  from strippers to models to celebrities ... even some of our own KLAQ Local Hotties ... bigger is apparently better!

My personal favorites ... boob - ily speaking ... would have to be Holly Madison of "The Girls Next Door" (loads of boobies!) and former playmate, Anna Nicole Smith. (In her early modeling shots. Not the over blown, over fed, over drugged ... well, you get the picture ... Anna.

Victoria Beckham makes my list, though she can be kinda hit and miss. (okay, hot ms...get it?) Seriously though, it depends on what she's wearing and how she's photographed. Sometimes she looks almost perfect, other times ... well; if you're missing two tennis balls, I think I know where they are!

There's also Heidi Montag! This chick's had so many procedures done, her own mother didn't even recognize her. She went from a natural A to a C and then to a DDD. Triple D!! At one point "Booberella" was on the verge of wiping out the U.S. silicone supply because she wanted to go to an "H". Reason: It's her initial. (It would suck if I thought that way ... my name starts with "Y"!!) Still looking hot I guess but c'mon, the position of plastic Barbie has been "filled".

Finally, unless I want to land on the "do not motorboat" list, I have to mention Pamela Anderson. From flaunting her real self to filling out that red Baywatch suit to the Playboy inflations to saving Tommy Lee money on boats. She's seen big, bigger, biggest, then gone back to bigger. (Sounds like a soft porn Michael J. Fox flick, "Back to the Bigger") Throughout her "journey" though, any guy in the water with her would have been safe. Those floaties would have kept him up ... get it?


In the end; real or fake ... big or small, boobs are boobs and men love them! Can you blame them? C'mon ladies, even we can't keep our eyes off "the girls".

Nuff' said!!