You want fries with that? A Tennesee couple recently got Big Bucks instead of Big Macs!

Don't you hate it when you go through the drive through, get food, drive on home and (cue Joe Pesci) then find that they messed up your order?  That is soooo frustrating.

Sometimes however, it goes the other way.  The little game piece gets you more than a free coke or maybe you find a full on combo meal instead of the one sad little dollar burger you paid for!

Sometimes you get to much change back or, perhaps the clerk bags up the entire night deposit and hands it to you!  That's what happened at a McDonalds in Hermitage Tenn. Instead of their food, these folks got thousands of dollars that had been placed in a bag and mistakenly handed to them.  Ooops.

They returned the money and didn't even get a reward.  (WTF .... not even some McNuggets??)

What would you do?  Be honest now, no names are being used here!