All the information to this video is in some other language I can not understand but the video of sexy ladies in panties is all that matters right?

These are the luckiest soccer plays. Instead of practicing their kicking technique with a bunch of big sweaty dudes, they get to kick balls at two gorgeous booties. I have no idea why they are doing this or why these girls would let these powerful kicks beat up their buns, but luckily someone recorded it.

The women are placed in the center of the goal, wearing just their shirt and panties and sticking out there hiney's waiting to get pounded by soccer balls. All the participants in this video seem to be enjoying themselves the whole time, as the players powerfully kick the soccer ball at these girl's perfect buns of steel. The women seem to be smiling to prevent from crying from the painful poundings and the men just seem to enjoy the bouncing bums.

The girls get their revenge by having the guys switch places and have some other guy kick the ball real hard at all of their butts. Luckily, it hits one of them but again everyone just keeps smiling and I really want to know why! This language barrier is killing me and Google Translate didn't really help me.

No talking is really needed to enjoy this video, so just watch and enjoy!