Buzz swears up and down that he was only kidding when he threw a hissy fit and stormed out of the studio on April Fool's Day. When he came back later in the afternoon, he kept saying it was a joke, but he was really mad. This is how it should have gone.


In Sydney, Australia, there is a Morning Show called the Fitzy and Wippa show. It is hosted by Ryan "Fitzy" Fitzgerald and Michael "Wippa" Wipfli. The guys decided they wanted to play the ultimate joke on their bosses for April Fool's. They had their engineering team rewire the speakers in the sales department, hallways and their boss' office. They played a prerecorded break, where Fitzy flips out on air, saying he spends way too much time at work and not enough with his family. The best part? When he starts throwing out the F bombs and they start sprinting down the hallway towards the studio. The entire office falls for it, covering their mouths and even their boss Shawn looks like he is about to cry. They video taped the entire thing so you could see exactly what happened moment by moment.

This is the way that Buzz should have planned his walk out on our show. And he should have videotaped it so we could all have watched it over and over again, like I have been doing with this video all day. Enjoy!