As a non-sports fan, when I went to my second El Paso Chihuahuas game, I decided to write down a few things that I learned from going to a game. I think some people may agree with a few of them. 


  • 1

    Baseballs should be easier to see

    Nothing scares me more during a baseball game than when the balls flies up so high I can't see it anymore. Baseballs should have LED lights and be made in neon colors so when they fly up, I can see where they go. Instead of what I'm doing know which is covering my head and praying it doesn't land on top of me. Maybe even a GPS locator.

  • 2

    Baseball isn't America's past time

    You always hear the saying," Baseball is America's favorite past time." I don't really agree with this. Drinking beer and yelling obscenities at the players and other fans is really America's favorite past time.

  • 3

    Any sport you are told to stretch in the middle of is too long

    I think it is during the 7th inning, everyone is instructed to get up and stretch while "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" plays in the background. Now really, any sport that is so long the spectators feel the need to stretch is going too long. Maybe the 7th inning should be the last one and we call it a day? Not to mention if the game goes into overtime, then you're there even longer.

  • 4

    Double Play and Triple Play

    For those of you wondering, you should already know I have no idea what a double or a triple play are. But like the average man, they yell for a double play and a triple play, but no one wanted any foreplay. Typical.