I think I'm going to start a new series with this title. Each entry will involve something totally f***ing stupid.  Let's begin.......

 A school in Chicago .. (The HOME of "smart" law making: corrupt politics, draconian gun laws, etc.) .. has banned homemade lunches!

Apparently buying the schools lunch is better for kids than bringing one from home.  (More expensive as well!) WTF??  Read more from "The Lookout" here

With trying to enforce dress codes, giving passing grades to kids that are flunking, trying to figure out who can pray, who has to say the pledge and who doesn't, checking to make sure no child slipped in with a cell phone, figuring out new ways to force parents to sit through "fund raisers" and planning the faculty Christmas party; I'm glad to see school boards still find time to come up with new BS. 

Remember when schools just worried about teaching?