Whenever I meet someone not from the United States, I always ask what about us they don't understand. Usually, the answers are pretty interesting and sometimes hilarious. Here are the most common things non-Americans don't get about Americans, and my response of why.

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    Why Are There No Meat Pies?

    This is something when researching, it looks absolutely delicious. What the heck America we need to get on this bandwagon! I guess we prefer our meatloaf and throw everything in a pan and call it a casserole method better. Try our hashbrown casserole though it is right up there with the deliciousness as meat pie.

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    Why Don't You Use The Metric System?

    I know, I know I think we are the last country holding out on this. Americans are known for comfort though, so if our system isn't broken yet why fix it?

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    Why Do You Still Use Checks?

    Checks seem so old fashioned and I understand that. Why would you want to use something you have to send through the mail and it takes days compared to a card which is almost instant. I can give you a personal reason why. My card malfunctioned once and it charged me 3 times for a bill and actually never paid it. So on my bank's end, they charged me 3 times but the bill company said I never paid it. Then, I had to take a check down in person to pay the next day. My reason why I still enjoy using checks.

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    Why Does Your Coffee Get So Many Refills?

    Sadly, I started this question right after refilling my second cup of coffee. I'm addicted. In other countries though, coffee is usually a drink you have once, think an espresso. In America, we prefer to drink enough to stay awake for hours on end. You can drink as much tea as you want, we'll continue gulping down coffee like water.

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    Why So Little Maternity Leave In America?

    This question was from a woman in Canada. She gets 52 weeks of maternity leave from her job, while here in America, typically it is only 6 weeks. I don't plan on having children but this is something I do agree with. I think women should be allowed to have more time with their child when they are first born. America, this is something even I don't understand.

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