If you're like me, a recreational golfer without a fancy-schmancy membership at a Country Club, you've probably played a few shabby courses in your lifetime. Golfers, I'd like you to visualize the worst course you ever played. Got the image in your mind? Good. Because it's going to look like Augusta National after you watch this...

[onescreen item="4993338"]

Allow me to answer a few questions some of you may be having right now.

Yes, that is a green.

Yes, all of the greens are like that. Actually, some of them are worse.

Yes, I paid money to play there. $18 for greens fees and half a cart.

Yes, the rest of my hometown is that shitty too.

That's the Okmulgee, Oklahoma Country Club you're looking at there. It was never a great course but it didn't always have greens made of caked, cracked sewage sludge. The only reason I played there was because while I was on Christmas vacation that Sunday December 23rd was the only day that wasn't going to be cold, windy and wet. Being a Sunday, my Dad only had 4 hours until he had to be back for church training at 5 pm. We couldn't have driven to the next nearest course thirty miles away and had time to play.

So, the question I have is this: has anyone ever played on a golf course that looks worse than this? If so, where and what made it so awful?