For a minute there, it felt as if February 10th was never gonna get here.

The Walking Deads last episode had an intense ending ... making it a nail bitting beginning.

Its been a week and a lot has happened. Let's recap:



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Rick is getting a little more and more on the crazy side, which is a bad time. Just a week ago his daughter Judith aka Lil' A**kicker was born as his wife Lori died and shot (just in case) by son Carl. His sanity is a little shaky as he's hallucinating and seeing who appears to be Lori in the jail. This makes the group question Ricks leadership.

Hershel, even though he lost his leg to a zombie attack, seems to be more calm and dependable and stronger. Which is a good thing because right now the group needs him more than ever with Rick going a bit cooko and Glenn still a bit over sensitive and revengeful against the Governor for near-raping his girlfriend Maggie.


Carl seems to be getting a little less annoying (who agrees with me?). He seems to be maturing, which is expected considering his only friend (Sophia) turned zombie, he killed his dads best friend (Shane) and had to kill his mom (Lori). From what it seems, he's been eyeing Beth (Hershels younger sensitive daughter). Although, she seems to be eyeing someone else ... say ... daddy Rick. (That would be kind of a messed up love triangle, a little worse than the Lori, Shane and Rick deal).




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Our favorite, Daryl has now found and left with his brother Merle (I know, am not a fan either), which has made Carol a bit sad, considering we are all waiting for that moment when they either hook up or something. Let's just hope they get to see each other again before anything happens to either of them.

Our UN-favorite, Andrea seems to "finally" have caught on and realized that Mr. Dreamy (the Governor) is a bit messed up in the head (considering he used to collect them). Although, I did notice that she is trying to step up and be the "tough" one of the infamous Woodbury.






So I've read a few things here and there about the up coming season.

Spoiler 1: One of the spoilers I read about is that up to 5 of the main characters may die during this season. (The characters that are being said are expendable are: Carol, Alex, Andrea and Glenn). I know that makes 4 ... but read on.

Spoiler 2: The character that may be most in jeopardy is baby Judith. It is said that she might not make it to the end of the season.

Spoiler 3: We will be seeing a character that we thought was gone forever. (I sure do hope it is Morgan Jones from the 1st episode). Though it will only be for a short time.

Spoiler 4: Also, Rick Grimes will do something that everyone has wanted to do for a long time. What do you think it will be? Maybe kill Merle? Or since he's a little on the off side, maybe he'll go crazy and kill someone in the group? Maybe abandon baby Judith and Carl? Or even reach the level of killing the baby to save her from this deteriorating world?

It is going to be an intense season from what it looks like. Lots of betrayal, love, and unfortunately a very sad goodbye.

So ... what did you think of last nights episode?