We had two of our favorite troubled starlets back in the day ... now we have two new ones.

I remember when the show "The Simple Life" came out. Am not gonna lie, I actually liked the show, but only the first two seasons, after that they got pretty dumb (well, more). During the shows running and a bit after its cancellation, you couldn't pick up a magazine without seeing the names Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie all over it.

Let's start with Paris Hilton.

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Apart from her getting out of car flashing moments, the model Paris Hilton had her bit of a downfall. On September 2006 she was arrested and charged with DUI. In January 2007, she pleaded no contest to a reckless driving charge. Her punishment? 36 months probation and fines up to about $1500. That same month she was pulled over for driving with a suspended license. The sentencing and probations continued, along with the blondeness.

On July 2010 she was accused of smoking marijuana at the 2010 FIFA World Cup, but charges were dismissed. 2 weeks later she was detained and released for possession of canabis. In August 2010, she was arrested in Las Vegas for cocaine possesion with her boyfriend Cy Waits. She stated that the purse where the cocaine was found was not hers because it was a high street brand and was not up to her high fashion standards. (Guess whatever happens in Vegas does not really stay in Vegas.)

Now Nicole Richie.

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We've all seen her lately, the now married and mother of two Nicole Richie has been following a good path. Considering her arrest on December 2006 after failing a sobriety test. People witnessed the star entering the freeway (State Route 134) on the exit ramp and traveling opposite traffic direction. She did admit to smoking marijuana and narcotic vicodin before.

On July 2007, she was sentenced to 4 days in jail, but only served 82 minutes, due to overcrowding (really?!). She then enrolled in an 18 month anti drinking driver education program and completed her probation on December 29, 2010. She is now married to Good Charlotte member Joel Madden with two lovely kids. (Did I mention that on her wedding day she did not want Paris Hilton there and didn't invite her? Yup! Guess that wasn't Hot.)

In recent news we are hearing more and more of Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes. Guess they are our new Paris and Nicole.

Weirdo 2.0 begins with Amanda Bynes.

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We remember the sweet little Amanda Bynes on the show All That and then her own series The Amanda Show. Times have changed. (Along with appearances, piercings and hair colors.)

In March of 2012, Bynes was stopped by LA police for talking on the phone while driving. On April, she was arrested and charged with DUI after side-swiping a police car (bad move ... literally). She was charged with DUI on June 5 (again) and 3 months later charged with a hit and run on two different occasions.

September was not really her month as she had her license suspended, her BMW impounded and charged with driving with a suspended license. Now she is seen dying her hair different colors and smoking marijuana in the streets of New York.

Ready for our favorite troubled starlet? You guessed it ... Lindsay Lohan!

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Things have not been going well for Lindsay Lohan (rumor has it that she is about to become the first "honorary" inductee to the Sheen family). Let's see, she has gone to several rehab facilities (Wonderland Center Rehab Facility, Promises Treatment Center, Cirque Lodge Treatment Center and the Betty Ford Center) and is now due to go back to rehab on May 2nd for 90 days. She's been arrested for DUI, possession, failed sobriety tests; has lots and lots of community service hours and probations due.

The movie "Liz and Dick" was to change her career to a better, but that movie was horrible (even for me that I like some rejects) I think the best thing she's done so far was her Playboy photo shoot for the February 2012 issue.

And that's just for now. She recently dodged another (Yes. Another. This is a new chapter.) court appearance.

So that's where we'll end ... for now. (I and many others have written a number of blogs / stories / articles about this particular train wreck as it is. I'm pretty sure the biggest wreck is still to come. Stand by for more bloggage.)

As we await the next meltdown, I'm tempted to ask who you think the 'hottest mess' is so far. That however is a tough call, so let me give you a visual, who do you think had / has the hottest mug shot? (Some have more than one so, take your time.)