On Friday, February 8th, we are bring Q-Rotica back to El Paso! In a day or two, we will be telling you about ticket prices and who our celebrities are going to be. Believe me when I tell you, the prices will be low and, fingers crossed, our celebrity guests emcees are going to be awesome!!!

I went down to tour Club Lotus, where all this sexiness is going to go down.  I've included a photo-tour for you to check out in case you've never been.  As a bonus, all of the photos include me striking provocative poses. Ladies, you may want to place a towel or some other kind of drop-cloth on your seat before you view these photos...

"Twenty steps?!? Let's just take the picture of me halfway up."

"Please, won't you join me in one of the VIP areas? We have a private bar, restrooms and recent Guatemalan immigrants are feeding us fresh cut mango with their hands while we recline on chaise lounge chairs."

"So tired after climbing those 10 steps. Give me a sec."

"Or, perhaps you'd care to join me in the underground level Club Pasha. We can sprawl luxuriantly on their giant stoplight-shaped chairs. We can gaze into one another's eyes as the music of Skrillex slowly deafens us."

"Perhaps you'd care to dance? Good, I hope you find a partner. As for me, the only dancing I'll be doing will be of the pole variety. My babies need school clothes."