Hollywood has really gone downhill, with their focus on remakes, sequels, sparkly vampires...it's disheartening to see what has happened.  The endings are predictable (for the most part), the lameness of their scary movies is growing...but there is an alternative!

Not just going independent for your movies, but going to YouTube!  There are a ton of amazing filmmakers out there with small budgets, big ideas, and lots of talent.  Freddie Wong and Brandon Laatsch are making really cool films (check out Video Game High School, in its second season), the guys I love over at RoosterTeeth, all the cool stuff on MachinimaPrime, WrenTheReaper, Wayside Creations and a lot more.

Pretty much any kind of movie genre you like is being made pretty regularly and posted on YouTube.  A lot of people are making amazing fan films, like this one for Skyrim.  So many people have been playing Skyrim since it came out.  I've played almost all of the Elder Scrolls games, since the first one, Arena came out for the PC, forever ago.  I don't have Skyrim yet, but the games have kept getting better and better.

Check out this great fan film, and then go look for more on YouTube!  Who needs the movie theater, anyway?