Ok, so I don't have a picture of it. More because I didn't want people to know that I voluntarily allowed several bar patrons to do it in front of me. Has anyone ever heard of the tequila luge?

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So while I was partying at a bar to remain unnamed here in El Paso, someone at the bar grabbed a shoe off of a girl and proceed to grab the bottle of tequila from the bar and start yelling about a tequila luge. I had no idea what this was and watched with interest to see what he was going to do with a high heeled sandal, a tequila bottle, and several drunk party people.
The shoe was then taken up the man's mouth and he poured tequila down the shoe and into his mouth.

A tequila luge, made of a shoe. It was disgusting and yet I couldn't stop watching it. After seeing him do this, several people at the bar thought this was the new thing to do and I counted at LEAST 5 to 7 people take a "tequila luge" at the bar. It was offered to me, but I don't have a feet fetish and don't think athlete's foot would do well in someone's throat.
So that's my opinion, I was a little disgusted by it. What do you guys think? Would you do a "tequila luge," or be just as disgusted as I was? I mean, I'm not judging the people who did it, just like I wouldn't judge someone for taking a body shot or doing a keg stand. But there is a point where I wouldn't want someone's shoe that has been walking around a dirty bar floor, on the streets, and maybe has a few cigarettes stomped out by it. Then again, it's a bar, people can do what that want, and when people start drinking a lot of stupid things sound like a good idea at the time. For instance me peeing in a parking lot, or forgetting how to get downstairs at a bar and walking in circles. Let me know, a drunken bar mistake or a great memory for whoever was involved?