You might remember me telling you the other day about my love for Mexican food...well, I guess my love of food in general...but today I have to share what is probably my favorite Mexican dish. Of course it involves cheese. I've always believed you can make anything good by either A)frying it, B)adding cheese to it, or C)all of the above.

I really like enchiladas, I'm a big taco and gordita fan, but right now my favorite food is the Chile con Queso Chicken. A well-cooked chicken breast is great on its own, or with some blackening on it (the seasoning, not so much the char). But you put the right amount of the right kind of queso on it...this is my Mexican food nirvana.

By the way, my idea of queso NEVER involves the words Nacho Cheese or Velveeta. I don't even consider those to be cheese. I like the white cheese queso, and I don't even mind if there's a little jalapeño in there to kick it up a bit, but it's not missed if there's not.

Make me a plate of Chile con Queso Chicken, some Spanish rice, refried beans with cheese on them (see, making things better with cheese) and some warm, homemade tortilla chips...roll my fat ass to the couch, I'm taking a nap! Wake me up on Saturday, so I can go to the Mexican Food Cook-Off and eat myself into another food coma.

I have to promise myself I won't eat before playing some songs with Ray and Buzz, otherwise I'll be rolling around on the stage, covered in green chile.