I saw "Flight" over the weekend. It was very good and Denzel Washington definitely deserves an Oscar nomination. But the movie is not really what the trailers lead you to believe.

I can summarize the moral of the story for you in just two sentences. Don't worry, I won't spoil anything that you don't find out in the first five minutes anyway.

OK. Here is the moral of the movie


Alcohol is a terrible, debilitating substance that will ruin your life. Cocaine, on the other hand makes you AWESOME!!!

I don't want to say much more because it really is a good movie and Denzel is superb in it. But there are three separate points in the movie where the curative and awesomeness-creating power of cocaine are referenced. These are not brief throwaways either. They are central plot elements!

Blow: The thing that all the other pilots who failed in the crash simulation DIDN'T do.
"Yeah, I'm shitfaced. But I also did a couple bumps so we're good to go!"

Also, if you go see "Flight", notice how many times the audience cheers at completely the wrong times!

" A good hour's sleep and 2 lines. Now, I can lie to the NTSB like the hero you know I am."