The KLAQ Morning Show discussed the month long prank the El Paso Chihuahuas played on right fielder Jeff Francoeur. Teammate Cody Decker released a video called "On Jeff Ears" to explain the team prank that has gone viral. This isn't the first time Decker has created viral greatness.

Fernie brought up how awesome Decker is just by what he posts on Twitter. He isn't afraid to speak his mind or of the media. Another video that has been bringing some attention to Decker is a hilarious video-bomb during his teammate Reymond Fuentes.

We are hoping to get Decker in the studio, once the El Paso Chihuahuas get back into town. My only wish is he comes to the studio dressed in some kind of unique outfit.

We need more Decker! He needs to create a music video, something involving a cat and a cooking show. It can really be anything because Decker is internet gold!