Greg Wilson is the Morning Show’s Howard Cosell.  Many people love him. Many people love to hate him. He’s loud, brash, obnoxious and often takes the conversation places that no one is comfortable with. For those reasons, and others, that’s why I’m firmly in the “love him” camp.

When Greg comes on the show we get an inordinate number of complaints from loyal listeners. Funny thing is, they keep complaining the entire time he’s on, which means they can’t stop listening to him. He’s the proverbial car accident you can’t look away from.

He’s also one of the most consistently in-demand stand-ups in the game. Also, you’ve seen him on TV. A lot. He’s been on Modern Family, Bones, Ugly Betty, Law & Order. So, you see, he’s not just a comedian whose voice drives you insane when he’s on the MoSho. He’s a bona fide celebrity. Deal with it, EP.