This morning, we bid adieu to Buzz Adams and the KLAQ Morning Show as they made their annual trek to South by Southwest in Austin, Texas. The problem is, they haven't quite left yet.

About five hours later, the RV pulled back into the radio station parking lot and to many people's joy, we got to wake Buzz up and let him know they hadn't actually gone anywhere.

WARNING: There are a couple F-Bombs about to be dropped in this video.

Here's the quality piece of machinery intended to transport our fearless morning show 10 hours to Austin. Meet "The Scoob Master" circa whatever year they started making RVs.

With a luxurious interior, it's sure to make your cross-state trip a dream.


That's Jack on top, trying to fix the air conditioner.

But Fernie was STOKED about the handheld radio.

So they'll rent a car tomorrow and try again.