The band The Features stopped by KLAQ's Austin studios during the SXSW Festival, chatted with Buzz, Duke and Teresa and performed a couple of songs.

The band's song "From Now On" was featured on the "Breaking Dawn" soundtrack. Even if sparkly vampires aren't your thing, you've probably found yourself nodding your head to the Ford Mustang commercial featuring their song, "How it Starts."

The band said they were about to do a second record with their label, which was Universal at the time when they were asked to cover The Beatles’ “All You Need is Love” for a commercial.

Guitarist Mark said the idea didn’t sit well with the band.

“Obviously you think about it, but what happened was we were given an ultimatum in the end – told to do it or you won’t be on the label anymore,” he said. “I guess, it came down to really, it didn’t feel right to take someone else’s song and use it for that, it’s not really our song to do that with it. When it came to using our own song for a commercial – that was different.”

Musicians with integrity? Who knew?

The band says they’ve been touring a lot and have been on the road pretty consistently since last year and have quite a bit booked for this year. Check out some pictures from their performance below. You can check out video, photos and all the behind-the-scenes action on our SXSW page.