Local band "The Dirty River Boys" which consist of Nino Cooper,Travis Stearns and Marco Gutierrez are performing tonight(7/6/11) at the Stateline restaurant for the "Stateline Music Concert Series."  Before they take the stage,  the band stopped the KLAQ Studios and performed a couple of their songs.

The band also talks about what where they have been since the last time they were in the studio.  So if  you're wondering what type of music they play, the DRB explain it... "It's outlaw folk, everybody always asks us, it's kind of hard to explain, so we just say outlaw folk."

The DRB talk about that and also perform their new song "Medicine Show" in this segment:

The Dirty River Boys talk about their unique sounding music, what it was like to perform at the Stateline restaurant in May and their upcoming performance at FT. Bliss with country star Cory Marrow. They also talk about how exciting it was that Morrow came out to their music when he performed in El Paso.  "There were a bunch of El Paso people texting us when it was happening." You can also listen to the band performing  the song "My Son" in this segement.

Keep up the The Dirty River Boys by visiting their website.