The deadline for getting health insurance or signing up for the fiasco known as obamacare is upon us, but you may be exempt from it!

Under this new act, people must be signed up, or have their own coverage, by March 31st. If you don't, you will pay a penalty.  However, some peeps don't need to do this.

According to a article, around 80% of Americans have health insurance or are already on government plans like medicare or medicaid. The pool of people that need this plan isn't as big as you would think and some of those folks are exempt from it.  Like:

  • Undocumented immigrants. (Who can't use the program and don't pay taxes anyway so WTF difference does this make?)
  • Many Native Americans.
  • Those whose religious beliefs reject health insurance.
  • Folks who don't make enough money to file federal income taxes.
  • People that can  not find a health plan costing less than 8 percent of their incomes.
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There are others, click here to see if  you qualify!  There are also hardship exemptions including having filed bankruptcy, being homeless or having had a death in the family. Check that list out here.  The best part about the hardship cases is, you don't have to PROVE that something actually happened to you.  They take your word for it! Same goes for saying that you DO have current coverage. According to this article, they don't really have any way to verify it!

As for the penalty, it could be cheaper than getting health insurance as the minimum penalty is $95.  You may not have to pay the penalty at all though, as there are ways around it. If you can't get out of it, you can ignore it.  Failure to pay is NOT a crime as it is with income tax so, the worst that will happen is they'll deduct it from your income tax return next year.

March 31st is only about a week away, hopefully this info helps you out!