Day 2 of Balloonfest 2012 took things even higher than Day 1 did! The energy, the crowd, the fun, the rock! Sunday is usually a big day for people partying with us at Wet N Wild, and this year was no exception. Thanks to everyone who came out, rode the rides, and rocked with all the great local bands, and P.O.D.!

Burnt kicked off the day, rocking hard, followed by some kick-ass reggae from Steady Shakedown and some more great rock from Outspoken. Then the guys from Worm-Hole kicked things up with some great stoner-rock. Double Threat kept the crowd going with a great performance, and then Scordatura Vita slammed the crowd in preparation for P.O.D.

The guys in P.O.D. brought the intensity and energy the crowd loves, and Sonny jumped out into the crowd several times throughout the show, getting right out there with the fans. Really fan-friendly guys, and they went out to sign autographs for everyone who stuck around for them after the show.

Day 2 rocked it's time for Hellyeah to take the rest of our energy for the weekend for Monday night's Day 3 concert!