Saturday night, Evanescence, Chevelle, Halestorm, Cavo and New Medicine stormed into the Don Haskins Center and El Paso got a little mad for the evening. The bands met a bunch of fans during the day with several meet and greets, including the Carnivore of Madness, ChevHELLe and more, and then the bands started hitting the stage, turning it up each time.

New Medicine came on first with a great set, that included "The Takeover", "Rich Kids" and "Little Sister". The drummer for Halestorm, Arejay, came out during the set and helped rock the drums, too!

Next up was Cavo, a band that's been here with KLAQ before, including their show at Locofest a couple of years ago. They turned things up a bit, playing some older stuff and some from their new CD, including "Celebrity", "Circles" and of course their fantastic song, "Champagne".

Halestorm didn't waste any time coming on stage, bursting out with their monster hit, "Love Bites (And So Do I) right out of the gate, and blasting through some great high-energy rock to open their show. Things got a bit mellow when Lizzy went to the piano for "Break In", but the crowd's energy kept growing as Amy Lee joined in with Lizzy for the song, and their harmonies were fantastic. Halestorm killed it with "I Fell In Love With Somebody", "I Miss The Misery" and more for the rest of their set, which I personally thought was too short.

Chevelle was next up, opening with their title track for the latest, "Hats Off to the Bull". They rocked their way through a ton of songs, including "The Red", "The Clincher", "Face to the Floor" and more. Their stage set included a huge bull, and a bullring feel to it, as hinted at by Pete Loeffler on Friday when I spoke with him about the show. Check out that interview here.

Finally, it was the time most in the Don Haskins Center had been waiting for...Evanescence hit the stage with their new one, "What You Want". The band sounded great, and Amy's voice did as well, as they tore through all their best songs, including "The Other Side", "Going Under", "Call Me When You're Sober", "Bring Me To Life" and more! I know all the girls around me were looking forward to "My Immortal", and they had to wait until the end of the show for it, but they didn't mind.

For some additional Halestorm video, check out their performance of "Bet You Wish You Had Me Back" from last year's KLAQ BBQ, including some Led Zeppelin "Black Dog" with Aranda!