95-5 KLAQ rocks your Motorcycle Monday! This week, everyone was down south for an INCREDIBLE Supercross race!

Big upset this week .. and a couple of people "upset" over it to be sure.

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This week, 69,000 of the faithful gathered in Georgia for Supercross and got a helluva race!

Track conditions good, lap times under 50 seconds for the big guys .. Dungey turning a 46.88 .. Wow!

250 Lites class east this week saw some good racing. At the end of the day, it's Dean Wilson with the win! Justin Barcia and Blake Baggett round out the podium. Points - wise, it's Barcia first tied with Wilson at 47, then Baggett in 3rd at 40.

On we go .. Supercross heat 1 sees Canard, Reed and Metcalf leading the pack .. Metcalf eats it hard though in the whoops. HARD! Canard takes it.

Heat 2 goes to Villopoto; who outran Stewart and Tedesco to take the win.

Let's get to the good part .... the main event:

Stewart gets a hellluva start, takes the hole shot and apparently wants to stay in front. A tiny bobble from Bubba (a Bubba-bobble?? Bu-ble? Bobba ?) opens up the door and Reed rides right through it. Canard very much in the fight but he drops it at one point and the top 3 are Reed, Stewart and Villopoto. My man Dungey in 4th.

Everyone is racing fast and hard now; bar to bar all the way. The real battle is between Reed and Stewart though and it gets decided fairly quickly. Passing on a curve, Reed slams into Stewart in what looked like an almost intentional hit. They're both tangled up and by the time they're clear of each other Villopoto has the lead and Dungey has second. (I swear if Dungey had a horn he would have honked and waved as he went past the dumb and dumber pile.) Reed by some miracle gets free first and manages to save 3rd. Why do I say dumb and dumber?? As I've said before, Stewart .. and now Reed as well .. race way harder than they need to. C'mon guys .. treat every race like it's your last and it may well be. Their recklessness cost 'em big time this week. It's not always the lunatic that wins .. both these guys need to race a little smarter. Esp Reed fronting his own team! I'm sure the meeting(s) with the mechanics, owners, crew, etc after this week weren't pleasant but; I betcha the meeting Reed had with his wife (and backer) was the most brutal!!

The podium: Villopoto 1st, Dungey 2nd .. yay Dungey .. and Reed.  Stewart, the uber-rider, settles for 4th.

Points wise it's Villopoto at 171, Stewart at 161 and Reed at 150. That gaps widening Bubba ... smarten up and let your speed work for you. Not your ability to get out from under your bike quickly!

Locally, the bike blessing set up for yesterday by the Salvados MC was scrapped due to weather, but IS on for this Sunday. Same place, time, etc ... tune in Friday for more details!

There it went .. the fastes couple of minutes in radio. Motorcycle Monday. Brought to you by Double G, Santa Teresa Motorsports and KLAQ!!