Seems these days that anything you think of, someone has blogged about. 

No matter the subject, event, cause, whatever; someone somewhere is blogging about it.  And using stock photographs in said blog whenever possible!  Ever wonder where those come from??  Or who is in charge of organizing them??  (I search "dollar" for a picture of money and I get basketball players. I ran a search on marijuana once and I got politicians in session. Tried motorcycles at one site and got a guy dressed like a duck.  WTF??)

Why would anyone want a picture of a guy dressed like a duck anyway??  On top of getting weird results on searches to fullfill  my blogging needs, I also run across weird/stupid pictures sometimes.  

Check out these I found at 

Don't know what use someone thought they might have for these but; number 7 appears to be a shot of me just as I got out of bed one morning! Where's my royalty check???????