Will he find love this time?

Finally!  My favorite Bachelor is back!  Brad Womack, who three years ago left two women standing at the so called altar, is back again to find love.  I met the guy in Austin and I thought he was very nice.  So he had some issues.  He worked them out and decided to give it another shot.  I was glad he didn't pick anyone if he didn't feel anything for them.  How many times have these guys picked someone and then we find out they've broken up a couple of months later.   He has stated in interviews that he did fall in love this time, but my question is with which of these women?  I can't say I was very impressed with any of them except Emily.  She's the one who lost her fiance in a plane wreck and then found out she was pregnant.  That would be a great love story!  I am hoping it isn't the vampire lady!  What a strange bird!  He made her admit she wasn't there to play games, I only hope she wasn't lying!  The thing that really gets me is the women who don't get chose on the first night.

They leave crying like they've had a long term relationship with the guy.  It's as if you meet a guy at a bar and he doesn't ask you out.  Big deal!  What have you invested in one meeting?  Poor pathetic girls!  And I do mean girls!  I really don't get it.  They seem really insecure and you wonder why they haven't found someone, or settled for just anyone, yet!  I think it's pretty gutsy that these women go on a show to find love, I guess some people will try anything.  But if it doesn't happen on the first night, they are devastated!

I am looking forward to see how he handles himself this time around.