Whenever you think of a political attack ad, you think of harsh words, accusations and dramatic music. But does any Disney song come to mind? Well, now you may have one in mind. 


Texas Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst just released a new political smear ad, and this may be a first for a political campaign. The commercial is a minute and a half long, and features of a parody of the Disney song "Let It Go" from "Frozen." The song attacks Dan Patrick, a state senator and former sports broadcaster who is also in the race. The song discusses all the lies Patrick allegedly told including the way he has changed his name form Dannie Goeb to Dan Patrick. The song also discusses Goeb filing for bankruptcy, which is according to the video. The video also includes some computer animation and video of Dan Patrick. The election between David Dewhurst and Dan Patrick is May 27th and from this parody, Dewhurst is hoping it will put him over the edge to win. See the entire video below and see, which candidate will you vote for?

PS: The best part of the this video is the commercial in the beginning. The commercial gives the "Top Ten Reason To Give Dewhurst The Boot." Apparently Dan Patrick isn't taking tho commercial lying down.