Today on the morning show, we talked about which classic movies I should have watched by now. I thought of "The Butler," which I just saw and loved but couldn't stop thinking about how horribly inaccurate the entire movie was. Which made me think, "what movies out there are the most horribly historically inaccurate?" Obviously I needed help compiling this list, since I've seen as many movies as a two year old. But here is the Top Ten list we could come up with.

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    This is the first movie I could come up with. Okay, forget the talking tree, raccoon, hummingbird, pug and even with that the movie is pretty inaccurate. When Pocahontas first met JohnSmith, she was only about ten years old. According to John Smith, she did save him from being executed by her father, but there was no budding love between the two.

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    The Sound of Music

    This musical was adapted from the memoir of Maria von Trapp, "The Story of the Trapp Family Singers." The history of the Tapp family were changed for the musical. Maria von Trapp was a governess to only one of the children and the names and ages of the children are different. Also, after Maria and the captain were married, they spent a few years in Austria. After, they escaped by train to Italy, then London then finally the United States. In the movie, they escape over the mountains to Switzerland. In reality, those mountains actually lead to Germany. If they would have hiked over the mountains, they would have been close to Adolf Hitler's mountain house.

    Sound of Music
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    The Butler

    This movie was full of historically inaccurate accounts of the White House Butler's life. Where to even begin? Lets go through the most obvious ones instead of prying apart to all the little ones. The lead characters mother wasn't raped and his father wasn't shot. He only had one son, who did indeed go to the Vietnam war but did not die. His other son was invented for the movie, which means he was not on the Freedom bus, not there when Martin Luther King Jr. died, not in the Black Panthers, and on and on. This is the movie that makes Buzz see red when he thinks of how wrong it really is.

    The Butler