We are accepting entries for our "Drop In The Bucket List" contest.  How would you like to attend the party to end all parties, the "Shock Top End Of The World Party?'


  We want to send you and a friend to the "Shock Top End of the World Party" happening on the day the Mayans predicted the world will end, December 21, 2012.  The party is going to be held in a bomb-proof 1962 Cold War bunker, so you will live through the apocalypse.

The winner will stay at the award-winning Greenbrier Resort located in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia.  The winner will be announcing the winner on the KLAQ Morning Show Wednesday morning, November 21.

Enter below and let us know the most common or mundane thing you have never done that most people have.  Surprise and shock us!  For example, you are 24-years-old and have never watched a YouTube video.  Or if you're 90 and you've never played bingo. You get the concept.

Good luck!