Buzz and the KLAQ Morning Show will be playing hooky on Wednesday to head out to an El Paso Chihuahuas Game! You can join our Q Crew by e-mailing Buzz your story on why he should bring you to the game!

Four lucky people will be chosen to join the KLAQ Morning Show out at the Southwest University Ballpark but they are still deciding if the winners will be a group of four, individual choices or two pairs.

Buzz has already received some e-mails from hopeful listeners trying to convince him to take them to the game. He does have some favorites as of now but you can still change his mind. If you mention antiquing or Game of Thrones you probably will have a better chance.

Keep listening to the Morning Show for more info because Buzz changes how he wants to choose the winners about every hour. Send your entry to Good Luck!

Charlie Monar