All the cool kids these days are finding creative ways to ask celebrities to prom. One Pennsylvania kid thought he could join the cool kid crew by asking Miss America to prom by interrupting her speech but he was rejected and suspended.

Patrick Farves, 18, asked Miss America Nina Davuluri to be his celebrity date to prom by walking up to the auditorium stage and handing her a flower. Davuluri was just about to start her question and answer portion of her presentation when Farves surprised her with his prom proposal.

Miss America blushed and kindly told Farves she might take a "selfie" with him later. As Farves danced away with joy, his peers cheered him on but school admins pulled him out of the assembly.

He was then suspended for three days of in-school suspension for defying the officials who asked him to not go through with the prank. Farves has apologized by writing a letter to the district's assistant superintendent and saying sorry for starting the commotion.

Fortunately Farves can still go to prom but it won't be with Miss America. She did end up rejecting Farves but thought his proposal was cute and has reached out to Farves school, Central York High School to rethink his suspension.

Farves seems to not mind being suspended since he did get to appear on the Today show for his stunt. Sometimes it is worth it to embarrass yourself, just look at Miley Cyrus.