So Playboy rejected her ... twice. All we need now is for her to head over to Hustler.

Teen Mom and Porn Star Farrah Abraham reached over to Playboy Magazine once her sex tape was released for a chance to come out in the magazine. She was rejected. Abraham decided to give it another try last month but unfortunately (or thankfully) she was rejected ... again.

In case you weren't aware, (because you probably stopped watching Mtv around the same time I did, when the music stopped and filled with a bunch of teen pregnancy type shows) on August 2012 Farrah released her autobiography, "My Teenage Dream Ended".

On May 2013, Vivid Entertainment released sex tape "Backdoor Teen Mom" (no comment on title chosen) she had done with porn star James Deen. Originally, Abraham wanted for Deen to be seen with her in public so it would look as they were a couple and the video be marked as 'leaked'. Deen did not agree and in the end it was said that Abraham sold the footage to Vivid Entertainment for $1.5 Mil. She defended her decision to make and sell the sex tape so she can celebrate her 'awesome' body (yeah she paid a lot for it).