The Sexiest Movie Zombies of the Last 50 Years
Okay, I know what you’re thinking: WTF is this heading?! But, it’s simple, really. I sat down and watched more zombie movies than I think anyone was ever meant to watch and compiled a list of the sexiest actresses playing zombies in them.
Buzz and Lauren Hone Machete Skills for Zombie Invasion
Someone sent me a kick-ass machete last week. I'd like to thank him but I lost the letter that game with the package. You know who you are so thank you.
This is a Zombie Killer brand machete and it's really sharp. To show you just how sharp, watch the following video as we practice our mach…
Fun With Zombies [VIDEO]
During the zombie apocalypse, you're bound to have a little down time.  Here's how we vatos in El Chuco will handle it!

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