The First Zombie Proof House [Photos]
When deciding what my first post for the site should be, inspiration struck in the form of 3 vodka tonics, copious amounts of Michelob Ultra, and a completely irrational fear of the zombie apocalypse. And thus I found this house online, the first zombie-proof house!
Zombies in El Paso? Man Bites Bus Passengers
This one needs to be sent in to the Zombie Apocalypse Map. El Paso may have a hit. Nobody's face got chewed off, but there was a man on a SunMetro bus who was arrested after allegedly assaulting a fellow bus passenger...with his mouth!
When Zombies Attack! – Some Fun Zombie Movies to Watch
There are so many zombie stories floating around, and of course, the jokes about bath salts, that zombies are coming to the forefront again. Now, if we can just keep some lame writer or movie-maker from making them sparkle in the sunlight or some other nonsense, we should survive the zombie-mania.

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