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Crazy Man Vs A Bunch Of Cars-Who Ya Got! [Video]
Remember when you first saw the movie "Rocky" and thought "This guy is crazy, he's fighting frozen dead cows."  Well that's nothing, check out this video in which a mad crazy guy decides to take on a fleet of cars.
Crazy Old Man Vs Train-Who Ya Got[Video]
Check out this video in which a crazy old man that looks like Gandalf from the Lord of the Rings steps in front of an approaching train.  I was just waiting for him to say "You Shall Not Pass!"
Crazy Man Vs. Train - Watch MoreFunny Videos
Beach Babe Vs Walking Ball-Who Ya Got? [Video]
Check out this funny video of a blonde trying to use a walking ball at the beach.  You have to give her credit for trying but then again she's blonde.
Epic Fail: Beach Babe Attempts To Walk On Water - Watch more Funny Videos

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